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Author Topic: MAJOR PROBLEMS with OM-D-E-M5!!  (Read 2802 times)

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« on: April 07, 2013, 09:45:53 am »
<div id="linkdxomark">This a comment for <a href="">this page on the website</a></div>I experienced several major problems with my new OM-D-E-M5 yesterday, and I need some explanation and help.

#1 Issue--horrible chromatic aberration/fringing--green, blue, and purple fringing along the edge of some mountain peaks at Pinnacles National Monument.  Used the Lumix 20mm/1.7 aspherical lens.  Unacceptable fringing -- I could never submit my shots to a contest, sell them to a client, or even blow them up to hang in my living room!

#2 Issue--strange black images!  On the first shot of the day, the image turned out completely black (looked blue in the LCD).  The second image was 90% black, but you could see the subject in the top-left of the image.  The third image was fine.  The exposure setting was exactly the same for all three shots (ISO 200, 1/4000 sec., f 4.0).  This black image, then OK image pattern repeated itself 2-3 more times during the day.  Oh, yeah.  The lens used was the Zuiko 12mm/f2.0.

#3 Issue--exposure mistakes?  I took at shot of the mountains just after the sun set.  There was no exposure compensation and the resulting histogram was dead center.  However, the image looked very light on my computer.  I also took several other shots with positive and negative exposure compensation, and I found that the shot that looked best, most like how it really appeared to my eyes at the time I took the shot, was 1/3-2/3 stop underexposed.  So, does the camera have an exposure problem?

Does anyone have an explanation for the above?  If Olympus can't or won't fix the fringing, I'll have to return all the gear I bought and look for a new system.  Aaargh!!

Thanks to anyone who replies--I will appreciate it very much.

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