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Author Topic: The SONY A77 is awesome.  (Read 9698 times)


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The SONY A77 is awesome.
« on: October 05, 2011, 03:23:59 am »
<div id="linkdxomark">This a comment for <a href="">this page on the website</a></div>We didn't have the patience to wait for the US release of this camera plus we were worried it would be pre-sold-out (like happened in the UK), so we ordered 1 from Hong Kong (2 day delivery $1329 US). We sold one of our 3 SONY A55s to make room for it in our camera tub and all we can say is WOW!

We've had ours for 6 days now and shot about 300 test shots before shooting our 1st wedding (800 shots) last Saturday. We were not expecting much photo quality improvement over the A55s but boy were we wrong. The detail, sharpness, and color that this camera put out were a noticeable improvement from our A55s.

The wedding we shot was very dimly lit and the camera had no problem making the proper adjustments. We shot all night in Auto to put it through the tests. The camera reacted well and is super fast both in AF speed and shutter reaction. Out of 800 shots we had 798 useable, with the 2 bad ones being an ooops and one shot that the flash didn't fire. There was no noise at all in any of the photos taken.

The camera is larger, but not too large for my wife's normal female sized hands. The weight was actually less than we expected and she was comfortable during the whole 6 hour shoot. We never experienced a lag time while the buffer unloaded and we got almost 700 shots from the SONY battery. The buttons and dials are all nicely placed and after a few days of getting used to the camera we have found everything to be easily accessible. There is very little need to go into the menu once the camera is set up for your shoot, there are buttons for just about everything.

For anybody thinking of buying one of these... stop thinking and start your preorder process, it is well worth the $1400 selling price. We will be replacing our A55s with A65s soon, but the A77 will continue to be our primary camera.

We've posted some sample shots at and will post some of the wedding shots Thursday or Friday.

One more thing... in case you didn't know the legendary MINOLTA lenses work perfectly on these cameras! You will get much more bang for your buck going with these. We shoot exclusively MINOLTA lenses on all our SONYs. Our primary lens is a MINOLTA 17-35MM 1:2.8-3.5 and our A55s are both equipped with MINOLTA 28-135 1:4-4.5 lenses. We also bag a MINOLTA 100-300MM APO lens for long distance shots at concerts we shoot. We are the official photographers on the Rock Legends Cruise in December and will be posting about 15-20,000 photos to share with everyone :D
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Re: The SONY A77 is awesome.
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2011, 10:28:15 am »

Thanks for sharing your experience with the A77.
We were also quite impressed by it when we had the chance to try it in our lab.


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Re: The SONY A77 is awesome.
« Reply #2 on: October 12, 2011, 05:26:12 am »
Thanks for sharing,
I have the A700 with all the good legendary Minolta lenses and will be updating with the A77.
I'm glad I waited for the A77 I was very close to switching to the Nikon D7000.
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Re: The SONY A77 is awesome.
« Reply #3 on: November 05, 2011, 03:38:06 pm »
i use it with the 135mm f/2.8 STF ... woo woo woo ... AWESOME !!!