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Author Topic: Sigma 70-200 HSM OS About this Lens  (Read 3047 times)

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Sigma 70-200 HSM OS About this Lens
« on: December 19, 2011, 06:03:58 pm »
<div id="linkdxomark">This a comment for <a href="">this page on the website</a></div>So i am the first one to write about this lens so here we go.
As you already know that Sigma is made in Japan so as we espected this built of this lens is very good and don't be mistaking because of his tag price this is very good lens compering to his components like Nikon and Canon that costs about a 1000$ extra than a Sigma i can say that Nikon and Canon lenses at the same range 70-200 a little bit better but you pay a lot more money for more 1000$ you will get about a 15% more lens but you should think is this worth it or not if you don't have a problem of spending money then go for the Nikon or Canon but if you are not a super profesional that needs the best of the best than save this money for something else and buy this amazing Sigma lans that will give you all you want .
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