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Author Topic: D800 Sensor tests vs D700, Canons, and others  (Read 3870 times)

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D800 Sensor tests vs D700, Canons, and others
« on: March 27, 2012, 10:27:00 am »
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Look, it gets pretty ridiculous when people start arguing over what are miniscule issues and not real-world photographer's issues. I, for one, have seen fastastic 20x30" images done with a D3 and I personally can attest to the fantastic image quality of the D7000.  Sure I, too, want a D800, but the bottom line is that the quality of the image is in the hands of the photographer whether the sensor is 10mp or 36mp. The greats of photography's past just went out and took their images. They didn't worry about lens comparisons.  Anyway, I'm not saying anything new. I'd rather lug a D800 on my neck with a couple of lenses than a much heavier medium format camera with is 5-figure price tag. In my humble opinion, no camera is worth spending 5 figures on. Get a Leica M3, a Mamiya 7,  or a 4x5 and you'll do fine for a lot less if the talent is there.

Notwithstanding this, it is great news that Nikon has finally produced a "35mm" size camera that can take its huge range of lenses and which is comparable to medium format quality. Bravo Nikon! Now, please get me my ordered camera!!! :)