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Author Topic: A year later with the Sony SLT-A77  (Read 4737 times)


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A year later with the Sony SLT-A77
« on: December 12, 2012, 09:27:37 pm »
This a comment for this page on the website
12-12-12 We captured over 250,000 images so far this year with our Sony SLT-A77s in our concert and wedding photography divisions. We change out our cameras quickly so that we don't get too high of a shutter count to hurt the resale. We are now on cameras number 4, 5, 6, and 7, all Sony A77s. We love everything about these cameras and once we got used to them the results keep getting better and better. We have changed out and upgraded all of our lenses... it is not fair to this camera to shoot with anything less than the best glass.

Our lens battalion now consists of:
-Tokina 11-16 2.8(excellent low light super wide angle, great for video. Very sharp with excellent color. Not good for long distance or extreme closeups))
-Sony 16-50 2.8 (our 1st copy of this lens wasn't quite right and I'm glad we got another one... very sharp, great color, silent focus, great for video)
-Sony 18-135 (this lens surprised us and gave results close enough to our Minolta 28-135 to replace it. Add in the better electronics and slightly better low light usability and you have a great walk around DAYTIME lens. Very sharp, excellent color)
-Sony 35MM 1.8 (excellent low light lens, portrait lens, perfect for indoor video. Extremely sharp with excellent color, great for extreme closeups)
-Sony 50MM 1.8 (excellent low light lens, portrait lens, perfect for indoor video. This is our go to lens if the 35MM is already being used on another camera. Extremely sharp with excellent color)
-Minolta 80-200 2.8G (my favorite lens and I use it whenever I can. Excellent sharpness and color. The only downside with this lens is the 6' "MFD" minimum focus distance)

Some of the other great lenses we have tried on the Sony SLT-A77:
Minolta 20MM 2.8
Minolta 50MM 1.7
Minolta 28-135 4-4.5
Minolta 500MM f8 AF
Tokina 19-35
Tokina 20-35
Minolta 17-35 2.8-4
Minolta 28-85
Minolta 100-300 APO

Some of the lenses we tried and were very unimpressed with
Tamron 17-50 (sharp but color was way off)
Sony 18-200 (soft on both ends)
Sony 18-200 (soft on both ends)
Sony 18-55 (best maker of 18-55 but still garbage)
Sony 18-70 (one of the worst lenses ever made)
Tamron 75-300 (sharp but bad color)
Sigma (tried many, not impressive compared to Sony or Minolta)
Here's some links to recent photos taken with these cameras and lenses