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Author Topic: most important zooms missing: 18-105 and 16-70  (Read 2692 times)

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most important zooms missing: 18-105 and 16-70
« on: November 30, 2014, 08:57:07 pm »
This a comment for this page on the website
It is very unfortunate that the results for two very interesting zooms are missing: the sony 18-105 and zeiss 16-70. I'd love to see these test results.

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Re: most important zooms missing: 18-105 and 16-70
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2014, 11:41:03 am »
Dream on akrow.
Unfortunately DXO thinks they can survive with our posts, and without doing any actual work themselves - except for they products *they* want to push.
Their business model is not simply to provide honest information in exchange for advertising. That would be fair enough.
It is to shepheard its readers towards products and trends - driven by the manufacturers, adversiters and their marketing agendas.
See for yourself ... all the posts requesting tests for Zeiss EF 16-70 going way back to when this lens was first introduced, have been ignored by DXO. They don't want to know, because Sony has decided this lens is too "niche" - i.e. cost realative to cost of ASPC camera bodies, and want the Sony ASPC devotees (myself amongtst them), to switch to full frame.
Well, to this scenario - I say "f**k off" to both DXO and Sony.
We are not stupid. We know the EF 16-70 with a a Nex-7 or a6000 is a killer combo - but not to the extent that it represents the longevity of a professional system e.g. full frame Canon or Nikon
Sony full frame? Well, unfortunately Sony are so fickle with their various incarnations of camera and lens combos, that anyone who has observed their behaviour/ product rekeases over the last three or four years will know that any investment in serious Sony systems will not be rewarded. The proof of this is a fourth Sony full frame camera in about a year - the A7 mark 2 - whoopee do - now "in camera" stabelised (just like the A99 - they've got a loop going on here) - rendering of course all that stabelised FF glass a waste of money. What will they come up with next? Maybe the A7Q (quadcopter).