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Author Topic: Sony's FE 85mm F1.4 has Otus-grade autofocus performance, I guess :)  (Read 422 times)

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This a comment for this page on the website
The Sony FE 85mm F1.4 GM is verifiably less sharp than the Zeiss Otus 85mm F1.4, it just isn't obvious when the Otus is used on FF cameras with 36 MP resolution or less.

The difference in sharpness will most likely remain purely academic though. For real-life applications, it might be more interesting to look at features that are ignored by DxOmark, like e.g.: Ghosting, flaring, coma, color fringes around out-of-focus objects (LoCAs).

I don't think that Sony's glass can hold a candle against Zeiss' Otus. Except of course, when it comes to autofocus performance :)