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Author Topic: D800 + 70-200 VRII and 28-105 Macro  (Read 452 times)

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D800 + 70-200 VRII and 28-105 Macro
« on: September 30, 2016, 07:47:52 pm »
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Through a weird happenstance, I ended up getting both a D800 and D2Xs at the same time when I upgraded from my battle hardened F100. I had a bunch of older lenses and one new 70-200VRII when I dove into digital. Surprisingly the best results and the most versatile lens I have is my 70-200 with a Polarizer and my old 28-105 macro + polarizer on my D800.  For flower and nature photography, it can't be beat. The 28-105mm came kitted with my F100 about 16 years ago, but for some reason the D800 and 28-105 combo just gives amazingly aesthetic results in macro mode. I've won a few photography awards using that combination.

Why? It could be the fact this low (grainy) resolution lens matches up perfectly with the 36 Mpix D800 (35mm film equivalent of the film era) high resolution camera.  Done right it produces some of the most pleasing pictures I've taken, and maybe just delivers the best of both worlds.  I learned a lesson that not always the highest resolution lens wins out. Aesthetic matters. So my kit is often my 70-200VRII and my 28-105 macro, polarizer and graduated filter with my D800.