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Author Topic: To All Flamers  (Read 482 times)

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To All Flamers
« on: November 02, 2016, 01:58:26 am »
This a comment for this page on the website
I was looking at all your comments and was entertained by the anger by DXOMark's assessment.

Firstly, the camera on the Pixel has been evaluated by multiple sources such as The Verge and they have found it to be a worthy competitor to the iPhone and in many cases, superior.

OIS is not in the Pixel and it would only prevent blurring of photos. Pixel implements EIS on their video and does it remarkably well. OIS and EIS is an assistive feature and is not really tied to photo quality so stop wining about it, its embarrassing.

I can't say why they haven't reviewed the Xperia XZ, but I can venture to guess why they haven't reviewed the iPhone 7 Plus. DXOMark was probably waiting for Apple to push out their portrait mode update. So now they are going to do a thorough review on it. Yay!!!

Also didn't you notice how much detail they wen't into for this review? It's almost like they were waiting for the fans to come out and flame this review. They wanted to collect a lot of concrete data. They also avoided making direct comparisons to the iPhone. It's like they knew the angry fans would come and try to discredit them.

Additionally, Google clearly gave DXOMark a Pixel device with pre-release software. They got to play with it under embargo. They weren't allowed to make their review public until Google announced it themselves. Google was so confident that it would be well received, even with an early build of their software that they had DXOMark review it anyway. Yes it was coordinated but that's how marketing works and that's how DXOMark can drive more users to their website. Duh. If Apple decided to give DXOMark an iPhone before it was released for review you can bet the same thing would happen too.

If Google is trying to pay off DXOMark for holding back reviews of competing products, it would incur the wrath of regulatory agencies in the US and Google has enough of that going on already. So they probably didn't do that there and DXOMark wouldn't want to ruin their credibility with something like that too. That would ruin them.

Oh yes, and lastly, HaloGate. Lenses are susceptible to halos, glare and other artifacts introduced with LIGHT GOING DIRECTLY INTO THE CAMERA. Geez, like if it has a Halo, then it must be broken right? Well, Google announced that they would update the software (isn't software cool?) to mathematically subtract any of those horrible halos from the pictures you take with directed light hitting the lens.

My post is only meant to help "clarify" any misconceptions readers might have about how things work when it comes to smartphones like the Pixel. If it makes you angry that the pixel got a good score, that's your problem not DXOMark's.