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Author Topic: Important test  (Read 126 times)

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Important test
« on: June 16, 2017, 06:22:36 pm »
This a comment for this page on the website
Thanks to DXO for fast completion of this study.  Because this is the first 24 mp ff BSI sensor, this test is particularly important. Maybe the most important clause in this entire article is: "but the real story is the a9’s rise in dynamic range at mid to high ISOs. From ISO 1600, both the a9 and A7R II pull away from the A7 II, with excellent dynamic range over 10EV possible on these sensors up to ISO 6400". See also the similar clause relating to color. The calculated ratings based on low ISO, (translate lots of light outdoor shooting)don't really tell the story. Nearly every camera does well in those conditions. Likewise, the possibility of recovering some kind of compromised image at high ISO's does not address every day photography.   What really tells the story is  is IQ from 800 to 6400 ISO. Next, the lenses. It seems predictable that the lenses that score high pmp's with the A7rII will do even better with the A9. But getting confirming measurements from the lens tests are going to be important for many of those thinking of spending $4500 for a camera.