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Author Topic: 15Pmpix 200mm Vs 8Pmpix 300mm Alpha Lens - A6300 +LaEa3 + Kenko 1.5TL-Tested  (Read 294 times)

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My reason to post was to hopefully have DXO expand their ratings to different combinations.
When it comes to zoom lenses and cropping ,it seems like its more beneficial to use a crop boy like the Sony A6300-
The bad thing is that there are no sharp lenses and no Teleconverters for a Sony E mounts. My goal was to use a APSC made lens to
save size compared to a zoom Full frame Lense.

Your options with the A6300 or A6500 are the Metabones IV maybe the Sigma 11 or the LAEA3 . But Alpha lenses are dirt cheap so i went that route.If you are not one that cares about lense size then you can just wait for the Tamron 150-600G2 to be released,But if you are going out and want something portable but that has 420mm of reach + 1.5 crop then my combination might suit you well.

We all know that a Sharp 400mm lens can be cropped to 600mm and look sharper than a soft 600mm lens so you save on size.We also know that if you get 45PMpix on a Full frame Sony on a crop body youll get less than half the sharpness .Therefore spending more is not efficient.So after a lot of research I found that the sharpness of the A-Mount 55-200mm SAM gives you all the way up to 15Pmpix around the center of the lens on a A77ii which is a 24MP APSC sensor so i figured you would get similar results.Thats double than any Emount lens plus you can add a teleconverter. LONG story short I also ended up buying a 55-300mm A-mount Lens rated at 8Pmpix and figured that even if the sharpness is half than the 200mm version that I would at least be able to get smoother less noisy picture since I wouldnt have to go 1:1 and have to crop. To My surprise something even better happened.The 55-300MM was sharper than the 200mm even at 200mm!  Therefore it would be helpful if DXO started doing measurements with the A6500 + Alpha lenses. Another thing I found out is that low FSTop 2.8 full frame lenses keep more sharpness on a Crop body then the equivalent F4 . Next week I will receive the Sony 70-200GM 2.8 Lense and the new 2x TL to test on a 6300 and 6500 bodies to see if the sharpness is much better than on my $100 Alpha 300mm lense. Another option I see is that you can buy a sigma 120-300mm 2.8 + 2x Tele.

Samples below are just to show that this 8Pmpix rated lens is sharper even at the corners than the 15pmix rated Alpha Lens if you had to crop the 200mm version @280mm to 420mm. These shots are taken with the Kenko 1.5x Teleconver . Basically im trying to show that you cant crop a 15pmix shot to a 2:1 and beat a 8Pmpix shot. But if someone saw the 8pmpix lens rating they might not buy it and go with something else. Maybe DXO can add a "Cropped to mm sharpness" section in the future.

A6300 +LAEA3 + Kenko 1.5 TL

I have linked the pictures so you can download and zoom in and comprae for yourself.