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Author Topic: 5 day of landscape shooting, my experience.  (Read 334 times)

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5 day of landscape shooting, my experience.
« on: January 23, 2017, 12:52:29 pm »
This a comment for this page on the website
After 1 month I have extensively used the cam. A sensor is just a part of a cam, not a cam in itself what some seem to forget and therefor DxO "reviews" no cam at all. Just come up with a sensorperformance and then their comparisons with D750 etc make no sense at all because they only talk about the sensor...And that is that. Very shortsightened.
I have (used)G1, GH2, EPl5, Gh4, D800e and Em1.2 all for different kinds of shooting (G1< GH2 and EPl5 could not do actionshooting, GH4 is very good at it> D800e was exclusively used for landscape work).

First remark: it is the dynamic range in reallife use that is better with the GH4 over the EPl5 (Em5) sensor. I noticed it immediately. And With EM1.2 I noticed it again. I shot in conditiosn with clear skies for 95% of the time and a good, fresh 50 cm snowpack on the ground. These are testing the dyanmic range easily. The Em1.2 passed with flying colours.
But everything is a better. Nothing dramatic, but combined the difference is clear.

What is very nice is the ISO64 when the dynamic range is not giving yuou a hard time The output is very clean and better than ISO100 on my GH4.

When it comes to landscapes it is what really struck me certainly on my 4K monitor. It is simply clearly better than D800e files. Sharpness is excellent even 80 MP RAW with sharpening does not give you noise (unless you ver do it) but gets you very sharp, detailed shots with a good dharp lens (like the 20 mm 1.7 prime). D800e in total just cannot compare. Colours look a bit better too.

AF is really good but is it much better than GH4? I haven't noticed it, it shoots more fps but that to me seems the main difference but this is baed on limited shooting sports.

The menusystem to my mind is still a drag, no better than my EPl5 drama of a menusystem. Just no direct controls on the cam. No ISO button, no AF swithc (a button and then you switch). All indirect. This is the biggest downside compared to the GH4 to my mind.

Overall you have solid APS-c single shot IQ. Not just from DxO scores but just from the look at it. JPGs are so good in reasonable to good light it is difficult to get iot better in RAW (but I do turn NR down completely, sharpness was -1, the rest zero).

With the 4K capabilies which are reasonable (237 Mbps is a maximum, it isn't a stable thoughput and will go down with lots of things happening in the scene).

IBIS is very handy and excellent, all my lenses are Panasonic ones bar the 45 mm f1.8 Oly You can get away with 5 s and perfectly sharp results even with those. On the 100-400 mm it is better to use that stabilisation since IBIS does not seem to work so well on long Fl from my experience. At 100 mm (200mm) and lower it seems to get superior and the lower down you go the better it gets as compared to Power OIS.

batterylife: unlike some reviewers I have found it to be better for sure than any other Oly cam but it is not as good as on my GH4. I would say it is at 75% of it. Still okey, awaiting 3rd party manufacturers to come up with some alternatives.

So all in all this is my conclusion:
- Easily the BEst single shot IQ of all mFT cams out there. Whatever people say it is more less on par with A6500 looking at DxO but may be a little worse. At least itdoes not overheat
- HiRes mode now is much more usable than before. Not for action (skiing people were a disaster as I expected), still needs a firm underground but a simple 100 euro tripod does very fine indeed. Prevent movement by using touchscreen AF or buy a shutterrelease for 10 euro and that is enough.
For some reason the cam has far less problems with strong wind and blowing branches and tall grass. It does sometimes show artificats but very few.
The IQ from HiRes mode is extraordinairily good and no other cam other than MF or Pentax K1 (probably) can give you that. for landscapers: a huge plus.

- AF is very good and reliable but compared to a GH4 does not seem to excel. More testing needed. I take form reviews that Fuji X-T2 and A6500 Sony are better for tracking at least.

This is a cam that delivers solid, sometimes exceptional IQ. It can do everything well, low light capabilities are better. All that in a compact package with good ergonomics and small lenses (certainly zooms). The 100-400 Panny is a joy to use on this one!