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Author Topic: Color sensitivity graphics for dummies  (Read 87 times)

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Color sensitivity graphics for dummies
« on: May 18, 2017, 09:29:06 am »
I try to understand Color Sensitivity graphic and related to portrait score expressed in bits. Is the whole sensor color gamut concerned by this graphic (i.e. all colors) or only a single senor site?
If it is the whole gamut, my understanding is that the resulting jpeg or tiff file with 8 bits color encoding (24 bits color) will cover completely the sensor color sensitivity of 22 bits score. If the graphic concerns one sensor site, in my understanding the raw file with 14 bits color encoding will not be able to preserve all color nuances of sensor with 22 bits score. In favor of my last understanding are the doted lines on the graphics for 14, 17 and 20 bits.
Is there any reading for dummies, which can clarify for me these points?
Thank you in advance for your help.
Best Regards,